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Current address, telephone number, work hours, people's testimonies Princess Style. This company belongs to the following categories: establishment and hair care. You can find Princess Style at 21 Benjamin Way, Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory 2617.


Postal address:
21 Benjamin Way, Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory 2617
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Phone number:
+61 2 6251 1771

Establishment   Hair care  

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Princess Style in Belconnen

Reviews about Princess Style

  • Alison B
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I have just had the worst hair experience of my life here. I have been here quite a few times and was always happy. My hair is a mixture of blonde and grey and I like to get a semi permanent beige blond colour to even and brighten it up. They always tell me it won't cover all the grey but that is fine. I am not trying to look 30 again. After saying semi permanent about 6 times the dark haired balding man got the twitty apprentice to mix up a permanent colour which left my hair a strong orange brown. I was upset to put it mildly. The manager was sorry but couldn't think of how to correct it. I had it rewashed with 'silver' shampoo which did absolutely nothing. If you must go to this appalling place, at least steer clear of that arrogant pig of a man who knows nothing about hair colour and was not one single tiny little bit sorry that he ruined my hair.
  • Nicole Simon
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
    This was the 3rd time I've been here and boy has the quality of service greatly declined since it opened. I got a hair cut and colour by staff that were relatively inexperienced, you can tell staff turnover is high here. There was a lack of hair equipment, and I was passed on 3 times to different hair dressers throughout the day. There was a lot of office gossiping which I found to be unprofessional so I won't go back again. On a positive note, their services were quite reasonably priced for budget friendly people.
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